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Fall 2024 Open Enrollment 

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Miami Jewelry School believes in teaching with integrity, excellence, expertise, and compassion. We feel that such an intricate trade cannot be learned in a day, or even a week. It takes time, practice and trial and error to become a real good jeweler. We respect the trade and believe that training professionals should not be rushed. For this reason, yeach student is taught through specialized training in the same basic techniques, fundamentals and proficiencies as students taught as apprentice's going back to the year 1430 AD and older.  Our facility is a representation of excellence through our fully equipped benches, standard equipment and atmosphere that resemble a professional environment.


Learn basic technical skills to design, manufacture, repair, remodel, maintain, sketch, and draw jewelry. Learn the manufacturing of jewelry by various techniques using metal, waxes, rubber molds and gemstones. Learn how to set diamonds and gemstones.  With personalized instructions and practice at the workbench, each student develop a unique skill for fabricating custom orders and repairs.


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