Miami Jewelry School offers classes in Rhinogold

Individual or group classes available. Call for more detail!


When you want to build jewelry from parts and pieces with the option to also create from scratch, RhinoGold software with its streamlined workflow and library of thousands of adjustable jewelry elements is just for you. See for yourself how jewelers around the world are creating original jewelry with RhinoGold. To get the most out of your RhinoGold software, we offer comprehensive hands-on training classes. Individual or group classes available. Call for more detail!

Combine and Refine

Jump-start your creativity with thousands of adjustable elements, such as shanks, heads, and gems to create the perfect piece in minutes.

Go Beyond Elements

Create completely unique designs with intuitive builders to make your own heads, channels, gems, and more.

Freeform Flexibility

Design organic shapes quickly and intuitively with the subdivision modeling tools of Clayoo.

Perfect Presentations

A suite of visualization tools allow you to
  • Intuitively generate photo-realistic render images of your designs with Render Studio.
  • Allow your clients to interact with your designs online including changing metal and gem combinations with RhinoGold Cloud.
  • Generate animated videos for your website automatically with just a few clicks.

Production Ready

All the productivity-boosting features your operation needs including
  • Detailed technical reports for metal weights
  • Convenient gem layout maps that speed up stone-setting
  • Tools dedicated to optimize 3D printing workflow.