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The Mission

The mission of Miami Jewelry School is to be a recognized regional and global provider of highly-trained jewelry professionals with exceptional skills. By combining academic excellence and extensive hands-on training, we prepare students to become jewelry professionals ready for an exciting and successful career in the jewelry industry. We are an established, Vocational Trade School licensed by the Florida Department of Education since 1987. For 30 years we have trained students of all ages.

The Difference

There are many schools available for teaching you the basics of jewelry making, however in jewelry making, learning the basics is only one part. It’s the skill, expertise and proficiency of the instructor that makes a big difference. So when you compare us to other schools take in the consideration of your teachers expertise and how long they have been in an actual  jewelry business. Has your teacher been a jeweler and for how many years? Has he been active in retail and wholesale? Does he know about Trade shows. Would he be able to answer all of you jewelry related questions?

Your Training

You can learn through specialized training in the same basic techniques, fundamentals and proficiencies as students taught as apprentice's going back to the year 1430 AD and older. Standards of excellence and skill unmatched and unrivaled by any other system of learning. Miami Jewelry School believes in teaching with excellence. We feel that such an intricate trade cannot be learned in a day, or even a week. It takes time, practice and trial and error to become a real good jeweler. We respect the trade and believe that training professionals should not be rushed. Our facilities are also a representation of excellence. Our students train with the best and latest jewelry tools, equipment and technology. Our benches are fully equipped and resemble a professional environment.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE for Advanced Jewelry Technology:

Learn basic technical skills to design, manufacture, repair, remodel, maintain, sketch, and draw jewelry. Learn the manufacturing of jewelry by various techniques using metal, waxes, rubber molds and gemstones. Learn how to set diamonds and gemstones.


Intensive, hands on jewelry making classes, where students will learn how to make fine jewelry. Using different techniques such as jewelry fabrication, wax carving and casting, and stone setting.

With Personalized instructions and practice at the workbench students develop skills for fabrication on custom orders, and repairs. Students learn how to sketch out designs with pencil and paper. Illustrate shapes and the texture of metal and gemstones. Practice stone setting techniques with fancy shapes and rounds.

Plus, learn about precious metals and their use and basic refining.

Total clock hours: 500

Making an informed and right decision

We want you to be perfectly secure in making an informed and right decision by choosing us in furthering your education. Please read the testimonial section of this webpage to help understand what this school is all about. We are licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education - License No. 65.
Since 1987, Miami Jewelry School has stood at the forefront of Post-Secondary (Vocational) Trade Schools in South Florida.
If you’d like to verify our credentials, additional information regarding our school may be obtained by contacting the Commission at:

Florida Department of Education
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Phone: (850) 245-3200
Toll Free: (888) 224-6·684