Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our address is 4949 SW 74th Court; Miami, FL. 33155. We are in the warehouse building of condominium project GATEWAY. Once you are on 74th Court, you will see a sign that reads: SW 74th court - Gateway Office Tech 2

How much do Diploma Programs Cost?

Please contact MJS Admissions at 305-668-0998 to schedule a visit and receive tuition & fees information.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is free parking available.

Do you provide tools or can I bring my own?

MJS provides the student with everything. We will provide tools for class use only, metals, solders, equipment and class manuals. Please don't bring your own.

I’m not a U.S. citizen. Do you provide Student Visas?

No. Unfortunately, we don’t offer that service. We do accept foreign students but they must have a valid U.S Visa, Passport and additional photo identification.

How do I apply?

You may call the school at 305-668-0998 for an appointment or download our Application Form from our website and send it to:

Miami Jewelry School
Admissions Department
4949 SW 74th Court
Miami, FL. 33155

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