*All Non-Diploma Entry Level Trainings require a $100 registration fee. 

A certificate of completion is given once completed.




Metal Fabrication (PART I):

In this training session participants will be introduced to a typical jewelry workshop.

Safety rules, jeweler's code of ethics, how to set up a workbench, and how to identify

specific tools and their purpose will be discussed. In addition, participants will be

introduced to the fundamentals: filing, sanding, measuring, sawing, and drilling.


Cost: $450

Materials: included

Time Frame: 18 hours




Metal Fabrication (PART II):

Part II of this training will focus on additional skill sets bench jewelers need to start

working in the jewelry industry. These basic fundamentals will include melting, soldering,

rolling, and polishing. Participants will be introduced to different torch sizes and their

purpose. In addition, participants will receive hands on training on how to safely heat metal

for either melting or soldering, as well as how to set up a melting station and how to

prepare a bench for soldering. Participants will also learn how to reduce the thickness of

bars and rods through the use of a rolling mill, how to form wire, and how to pre-polish, as

well as final polish various metals.


Cost: $750

Materials: Included

Time Frame: 32 hours




Wax Carving

Wax Carving is a specialization in the jewelry industry, where individuals can focus solely on

making various hand carved wax models for companies. In this training participants will be

introduced to Lost Wax Casting by watching an introduction video by RioGrande. Each participant

will learn about the variety of modeling waxes, wax tools and equipment, their purposes, and

will receive hands on training on how to shape Carving Wax into a ring. Participants will also learn

how to use the electrical tool with wax reservoir for depositing melted wax. This skill will allow

participants to assemble a “tree” made out of wax and weigh the wax, an important step needed

for casting.


Cost: $300

Materials: $75

Time Frame: 12 hours





Participants learn the steps to the process of heating a metal to its casting temperature. Hands on

training on how to handle the casting torch, set up of a casting station, including how to use proper

tools and equipment for various styles of casting will be provided. Various styles of casting include

centrifugal and vacuum castings. Participants will train on how to prep for a casting session and will

learn about casting defects which are irregularities in metal casting processes.


Cost: $400

Materials: $100

Time Frame: 16 hours




Introduction to Platinum

Participants learn platinum advantages and the best use for platinum.  Each participant will receive

hands on experience on filing, sanding, and polishing platinum.  Participants will also receive

additional information on platinum casting, machining, die striking, hand fabrication, and marking.


Cost: $1,800

Materials: Included

Time Frame: 16 hours





Introduction to MatrixGold

Get hands-on training to operate MatrixGold 3D software. Participants will get tips on how to

incorporate the technology into real scenarios. The class introduces you to the variety of tools and

workflow in MatrixGold. Learn the fundamentals of creating jewelry in CAD and 3D printing. 

Explore an array of practical applications of dynamic commands, parametric history, and all new

render technology.


Cost: $1,800

Materials: Included

Time Frame: 16 hours




Class Schedule

Saturdays: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


School is CLOSED Sundays and National Holidays.





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