Non Diploma classes

  • Miami Jewelry School provides affordable payment plans for Citizens and/or U.S. residents.
  • International students with tourist or student visa need to pay the course in full before starting class.
  • We strive to offer flexible tuition payment options to accommodate your needs. Please note that we do not accept federal financial aid (FAFSA) and we do not offer scholarships or grants.
  • A $250 deposit is required, which is applied toward the total tuition cost. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable
I) Jewelry Technician

Cost: $6,000.00

Payment plan available!

Approximate time for completion: 144 hours

AJT101 Introduction to the Workshop- Theory
AJT102 Tools for the Bench Jeweler - Theory
AJT103 Filing – Lab
AJT104 Measuring and Scribing - Lab
AJT105 Sawing – Lab
AJT106 Forming and Bending - Lab
AJT107 Drilling – Lab
AJT108 Free Form Cut - Lab
AJT109 Melting – Lab
AJT110 Wire and Sheet Fabrication - Lab
AJT111 Soldering – Lab
AJT112 Ring Sizing - Lab
AJT113 Sanding, Polishing and Cleaning - Lab
AJT114 Mass Finishing - Theory
AJT115 Bezel Fabrication- Lab
AJT116 Cold Connections and Riveting – Lab
AJT117 Metal Identification and Classification – Theory
AJT118 Trade Pricing Guide – Theory
AJT119 Decorative Finishes – Lab
AJT120 Introduction to Gemstones - Theory
AJT121 Solitaire Ring Fabrication
AJT123 Wire Setting with Bail – Lab
AJT124 Final Project – Lab
AJT125 Plating – Theory
AJT126 Plating – Lab


II) Wax Modeling and Casting

Cost: $4500.00                                           

Payment Schedule: Needs to be paid in full before class starts.

Approximate time for completion: 90 hours

AJT127 Introduction to Lost Wax Casting
AJT128 Types of Waxes and their Applications– Theory
AJT129 Filing Waxes / Dome Ring- Lab
AJT130 Fabrication with Wax Sheets and Wires - Lab
AJT131 Filing Waxes / Ring with Stone – Lab
AJT132 Modeling and Wax Carving with Burs – Lab
AJT133 Using Wax Pens – Lab
AJT134 Wax Injection – Lab
AJT135 Wax Spruing – Lab
AJT136 Wax and Metal Weighing – Theory
AJT137 Investment Mixing – Lab
AJT138 Burnout Procedure – Theory
AJT139 Melting Metals – Lab
AJT140 Centrifugal Casting – Lab
AJT141 Porosity and Defects of Castings – Theory
AJT142 Finishing and Polishing – Lab
AJT143 Casting Replica – Theory
AJT144 Preparing and Vulcanizing Rubber Molds - lab
AJT145 Vacuum Casting - Theory
AJT146 Course Review and Discussion - Theory


III) Stone Setting

Cost: $4,500.00

Payment Schedule: Needs to be paid in full before class starts.

Approximate time for completion: 70 hours

AJT147 Introduction to Stone Setting
AJT148 Stone setting tools - Theory
AJT149 Identification of stones: cuts and shapes - Theory
AJT150 Prong Setting - Lab
AJT151 Bezel and Tube Setting - Lab
AJT152 Flush (Gypsy) Setting - Lab
AJT153 Channel Setting - Lab
AJT154 Baguette Setting - Lab
AJT155 Tiffany Setting - Lab
AJT156 Pear Shape and Marquis Setting - Lab
AJT157 Graver Preparation - Lab
AJT158 Pavé Setting - Lab
AJT159 Bead Setting - Lab
AJT160 Course Review and Discussion – Theory


IV) Introduction to Platinum

Cost: $1,500.00

Payment Schedule: Needs to be paid in full before class starts.

Platinum Advantages
Best Use for Platinum
Platinum casting introduction
Platinum machining
Platinum die striking
Platinum hand fabrication

Approximate time for completion: 12 hours


V) Introduction MatrixGold

Cost: $1,500.00

Payment Schedule: Needs to be paid in full before class starts.

Approximate time for completion: 12 hours

Get hands-on training to operate MatrixGold software.

Get tips on how to incorporate the technology into real scenarios.

The class introduces you to the variety of tools and workflow in MatrixGold.

Learn the fundamentals of creating jewelry in CAD and 3D printing.

Explore an array of practical applications of Dynamic Commands, Parametric History

and all new Render Technology.


Class Schedule:

Mornings:   from 10:00am – 1:00pm
Available Monday through Friday

Afternoon:  from  2:00pm – 5:00pm
Available Monday through Friday

Night:          from 6:00pm - 9.00pm
Available Monday through Friday

School is CLOSED weekends and National Holidays.