I really loved the learning structure set up for the Jewelry Technician course. Marc provides plenty of knowledge throughout the entire program, not just relating to the coursework and projects, but also information on the business and current trends within the industry. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering

a career in the jewelry business, whether it's as a bench jeweler or as a designer!


Priscilla ,  San Francisco



            "My name is Rebecca Gore and I began the Jewelry Technician program at Miami Jewelry school  in June of 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all technical skills in regards to making a piece of jewelry from idea though the process and finishing with a rewarding product. The instructor Marc gives amazing, very detailed and technical advice and patiently helps every student achieve their individual goals. I proceeded to take wax casting in which I really enjoyed the freedom to design my own piece and make a mold and proceed to cast my own design! Knowing the process of working with wax and casting opened up my mind to jewelry design and allows me to increase my design ideas. After wax carving and casting, I finished with the stone setting class. Again, Marc provides amazing very detailed instructions and teaches all of the in’s and outs of setting stones in many different styles. I felt stone setting to be very rewarding- although the process is not easy, the finished product is very very rewarding! I plan to continue spending time in the studio with Marc working on my own designs and eventually start my own line of Jewelry. After finishing all courses that Marc provides at the Miami Jewelry school, I feel confident that I can implement my skills and knowledge to follow my dreams of having my own Jewelry company.”


Rebecca Pinto



My experience at Miami Jewelry School was incredibly valuable. I left with a wealth of knowledge in fabrication, wax carving/casting and basic stone setting skills. The program was entirely hands on which allowed me to proficiently grasp the concepts of goldsmithing. I was able to use what I learned as a foundation and apply it towards the beginnings of a custom jeweler career. Master Jeweler Marc Thurn was an incredible instructor and talented jeweler. It was a privilege getting to know him and learning the trade under his guidance.

Thank you Miami Jewelry School, for teaching me the ground work towards a successful jeweler career. 

Evan Watson

Gainesville, FL





I began Miami Jewelry School with virtually no knowledge of Jewelry making, and after 3 1\2 months, under the patient guidance of master jeweler Marc Thurn, I have graduated the Jewelry Technician, Wax Carving and casting and Stone Setting courses. I will return home with the ability to melt, pour, roll, pull, cut and form raw metals into the images I see in my mind’s eye.
The open Enrollment, go at your own pace structure of the school worked well for me. If you choose MJS, I believe you will have made a wise choice.

Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge available from old world trained master jeweler Marc Thurn.
Ask questions, create, enjoy!

Fred Johnson

Bellingham, WA


Jewelry has always been a part of my life and something I've always wanted to do. I have always desired to work and make jewelry. I've been able to retire and now have the time to do what I've always dreamt of doing. Finding Miami Jewelry School and working with Marc Thurn will take me to a level of jewelry making I've only dreamt about and now is real. Thank you Marc and Adriana for the support you have given me. I will continue working with you to finish my stone setting term.
My deepest appreciation,
Maggie Acevedo
Jewelry Technician

My feelings about the service are excellent. This experience in MJS has been wonderful. Marc is an excellent teacher, he's very helpful and patient. About the school: it has everything that a student or professional needs. Adriana, she is an extraordinary Director. I'm so happy to be here and my plan is to continue on the next level and so on. I want to run my own business as a jewelry maker and I know I'm in the right place to get the knowledge and tools to start and succeed. Thank you to the both of you (Adri and Marc).

Roxana Castillo
Jewelry Technician


After years of experimenting with jewelry classes, I finally did research and came upon Miami Jewelry School. There were a few others, but what drew me here was the overall professionalism and quality seen throughout the school.

Adriana, thank you for your attention to detail, consistent professionalism and your ever friendly and helpful demeanor. You made all administrative tasks function seamlessly.

When I began working with Marc, I was nervous and did not really understand the vast amount of information I had to process. Marc took me through every process, transferring as much knowledge as he could in a small space of time. I was/am amazed at how much knowledge he has and that he is willing to share all of it. The most amazing thing to me is the patience he shows and the consistency in which he presents information; not just to some, but to every student. It is the mark of a great teacher and that he is!

This school has provided me with the tools to confidently move forward and begin fabricating my own pieces. Hats off to Adriana abd Marc for a first class program. I will be back for Wax and Stone Setting. Thank You.

Lisa Chen
Jewelry Technician
Trinidad & Tobago


It was a great experience taking this class. I learned a lot and I feel more prepared and confident to start working in the field. Marc and Adriana are always willing to help you with any question or concern you might have. I am looking forward to take the Wax Carving and Casting Course.

Maria Virginia Mendez
Jewelry Technician

Fantastic technical School! As a 30 year US Coast Guard veteran, I have had many years of hands-on training with supplemental technical training.  Miami Jewelry School has been one of my most enjoyable one-on-one training schools. The entire course is hands-on with technical course material for reference guidance and for a future reference to fall back on as I (or you) develop the new learned skills. I highly recommend this school if you ever had or have any thoughts of making any kind of jewelry, the Master instructor works with you one-on-one as your progress through each project and ensures that you quickly gain your confidence as your complete each project. I have enjoyed each phase of my training, I completed the "Jewelry Technician course," the "Wax Modeling and Casing course," the "Foundations in Metal Clay course," and now I  just completed the "Stone Setting course."

Each course could be considered a separate job profession alone, but each one builds upon each other, making sure that you are a well rounded fabricator in the jewelry profession. The "Jewelry Technician course" gave me the confidence to repair and to actually fabricate fine jewelry from scratch and with the "Foundations in Metal Clay course" I can also enhance all my fine jewelry with pure silver custom shapes with artistic logos (limited only by your imagination). With the "Wax Modeling and Casing course" I have can use this skill to replicate some of my hand crafted fine jewelry allowing me to reduce my overall work demands. The "Stone Setting course," showed me why and how detailed the skill is very much a fine art with a steady hand and an eye for fine detail.

Once again, fantastic school! The Administrator, is very personable, and has a can do attitude which was an encouragement on some of my off days.  She is always willing to work with you as your schedule changes and encourages open communication for a smoother education experience.

Great school!

Frank Blair
Jewelry Technician, Wax Modeling and Casting, Stone Setting, Foundations in Metal Clay.

I have been in the school for 4 months and I will stay until completion of Wax & Stone Setting programs. My plans are to join my family jewelry business and a (after much practice) eventually become our primary jeweler and designer making custom pieces for our family line, Marcial de Gomar Jewelry

The training has been fantastic. My family and I know I am receiving an excellent quality foundation to build upon and I would not attend any other school. Marc's philosophy, technique, and training methods are the best available and I am very happy to be here!

Nanea Marcial
Jewelry Technician


En el tiempo que estuve recibiendo clases en Miami Jewelry School fui muy feliz. Todo el tiempo recibi muy buena atencion y asistencia. Es una escuela muy buena con un profesor y personal muy profesional y eficiente en todos los aspectos. Yo, Juan Mustelier, le recomiendo a toda persona interesada en estudiar o aprender Jewelry, vengan a esta escuela y saldran contentos y muy satisfechos.

Juan Mustelier
Jewelry Technician, Wax Modeling and Casting, Stone Setting


In a very simple and practical manner, I learned all the steps involved in jewelry making. Marc taught us in a way that made our learning so smooth that although not excluded of frustrations, made our advancement fun and interesting.

I would like to thank Marc and Adriana and all the students I met at the MJS for making my 5 months stay a wonderful experience. I encourage anyone doubting on taking the course to take it. I am very happy I did it; it opened me a door of possibilities to be further explored in the jewelry making world.

Denise Palenzona
Jewelry Technician


This school is amazing. I am in love with the PMC program! Bernadette and the staff are very nice and helpful. I'm very impressed with how everything works here.

I started here just because of my love for jewelry. After taking this class, I felt so educated that I am inspired to try to go into the business. The school is everything I had hoped for. Not only am I learning to be a designer, but also to look at everything around me in a new way. I'm making beautiful jewelry!

Bernadette is a true inspiration. At 54 years of age, and after 6 weeks in the Metal Clay program, I'm ready to start a new career as a jewelry designer.

Elizabeth Simmonds
Foundations in Metal Clay

I was genuinely sad to leave MJS after getting my diplomas; the staff and students were great. I really left feeling accomplishment and that I had a far greater understanding and appreciation for the craftsmanship required, though I still have a lot of practice to be a master like Marc. I found the first stages of fabrication course a bit tough as I learnt to file and cut, but then the course just got better and better. I could do the course all over again with pleasure. Marc had so much patience with the students, which displayed a range of aptitude and skill levels. Marc provides one on one instruction and even when he's not standing with the students is aware of where they are up to and their technique. Thank you.

Caroline Tilley
Jewelry Technician, Wax Modeling & Casting
United Kingdom


Attending Miami Jewelry School was the best decision I have ever made! I discovered my true passion! The classes are very complete. The techniques demonstrated are all-inclusive. Master Jeweler Marc Thurn is always available for individual instruction. He modifies the lesson to fit the individual needs of the student. If a student was having difficulties, Marc would demonstrate again to the individual. It was an honor to have Marc teach me in all three areas: jewelry technician, wax carving and casting, and stone setting (my favorite)! He relates to beginners and advanced alike. No one just sits in class if he manages to finish a step in a project. Instead, Marc encourages the student to take the next step, so a student can work up to his level of proficiency. This is truly an exceptional school to learn the true art of jewelry making.

Celia R. Mayor
Jewelry Technician, Wax Carving & Casting, Stone Setting

Mi experiencia en Miami Jewelry School fue fantastica, mucho mas de lo que esperaba. En el curso de Jewelry Technician he aprendido excelentes tecnicas, ha sido muy educativo ya que lo que le preguntes a Marc el te lo explica perfecto. Los estudiantes son muy amigables y Adriana y Marc te hacen sentir como en casa. Estoy ansiosa por comenzar Stone Setting course y comenzar a producir mis propias joyas.

Daniela Borges
Jewelry Technician - Stone Setting

On January 15, 2011 I began MJS' Jewelry Technician course. This would become the first step in perfecting my craft under German Master Jeweler Marc Thurn's keen eye. My initial impression was that the facility is clean, the students are courteous, and the administration is capable. MJS appeared to be the ideal place to continue my path to becoming a commercial jeweler. Ninety-five days later I received the jewelry Technician diploma, improved confidence in my fabrication skills, and several new friendships. Through many trials and errors with metalwork I have learned that the reward is in the journey. I hope to continue that journey in the wax casting and stone setting courses, and look forward to working with Adriana and Marc again!

Haley W. Holeman
Jewelry Technician - Wax Carving & Casting - Stone Setting

In September 2010 I started Miami Jewelry School's basic course (Jewelry Technician).
I was nervous, because one, my English is not perfect so I don't know how much I can follow the class. Second, using a torch scares me.
But I talked about my English skill to Adriana which is the school Admissions Director and she said: "Don't worry! We are not making you rush and teacher is very patient. You will be okay!"
Yes! She was right, my teacher Marc Thurn (master jeweler), he has great personality and is very patient. I have made a lot of mistakes but he never pushes me, that's why I enjoy the class all the time and have great knowledge from my teacher. Now, I'm not afraid to use the torch, actually I feel like I'm cool. It sounds funny but I'm proud of myself.
About skill, I just made my husband's ring, it only took 1 and a half hour. He loved it. I have many ideas I want to bring to life. Four months ago I couldn't imagine anything but now I open my sketch book many times!
Thank you Marc and Adriana!
Arigato Gozaimashita

Naoko Crull
Jewelry Technician - wax Carving & Casting - Stone Setting
Okinawa, Japan

I have been attending Miami Jewelry school for the past four months. Marc is a wonderful teacher; he is patient, understanding and very dedicated to the professional jewelry trade. His old school training profession has helped me to achieve the experience I can use to become a great jeweler. MJS has enhanced my profession so much, that now I feel I can give my full potential to the jewelry trade. I will enter design competitions next year, that's how much I've learned. Thanks Marc and Adriana, you guys are so sweet. I will be back for another course.

Shavonne Mckenzie
Jewelry Technician - Pearl & Bead Stringing
The Bahamas

Estudiar en MJS ha sido una experiencia muy bonita. Marc es un estupendo profesor y una persona increíble. Es muy dedicado a sus estudiantes y un excelente orfebre. La escuela tiene un ambiente de estudios muy agradable, todos los estudiantes son personas increíbles y muy buenos compañeros. Para mi no puede haber una mejor escuela que MJS en dónde no sólo se forman profesionales sino que se disfruta aprender. Yo tengo varios meses en la escuela y en este corto tiempo he aprendido muchisimo, tanto que siento que cada día quero seguir aprendiendo aún más. Esta es una carrera muy bonita y, además, las clases son muy relajantes.
Mis planes para el futuro incluyen abrir un negocio propio y vender mis joyas ó trabajar para una empresa de joyeria hasta que pueda abrir mi propio negocio.
En verdad, a todas las personas que estén interesadas en dedicarse a la joyería, les recomiendo que vengan a MJS porque van a tener el mejor maestro y el mejor ambiente de estudios.

Alejandra Perez
Jewelry Technician - Wax Carving & Casting - Stone Setting

He terminado muy contento, o mejor dicho: feliz! Pues desde hace aproximadamente 12 años que tenia ganas de estudiar en esta escuela.
Aparte de todo tenemos un gran profesor, estupendo. En el tiempo que llevo aqui veo entrar mucha gente que no tiene ni idea de nada al matricularse y terminan graduandose bien preparados. En esta rama, que para mi es una de las mejores profesiones, he aprendido mucho y me da mucha satisfaccion. Siento esto porque no es nada facil tener un pedazo de metal y transformarlo en algo lindo. To do esto, reitero, gracias a las enseñanzas de Marc.
Me voy muy agradecido de haber pertenecido a esta escuela.

Oscar Wolff
Jewelry Technician - Wax Carving & Casting - Stone Setting

When I was deciding to have a new hobby, I chose Miami Jewelry School because of the classes’ flexible days and hours. They are well prepared by a very experienced teacher. It is a nice and relaxed environment to be a part of. That makes my 1 hour drive all worth it!!

By finishing the basic course, now it became easier to create my own designs and after graduating I’m still coming to the school to learn a lot more from Marc.

Monica Noguerol

Jewelry Technician

At the Miami Jewelry School you receive individualized instruction from a Master jeweler that guides you along the path to creative self discovery. Master Marc Thurn is an artist, and a caring and patient teacher, who unselfishly shares his skills and knowledge. Marc allowed me freedom of creative expression while using varied metals and precious stones incorporating new techniques and respecting the old traditions. Even on the face of personal disappointment with a piece, Marc found a way to turn things around with some “old world” technique that not only saved the piece, but also, taught me some new way to deal with a situation while maintaining the integrity of the work. The Miami Jewelry School has fulfilled a lifelong dream of learning to make jewelry at a professional level, and I look forward to creating many heirloom pieces in the years to come.

Y. Lausell
Jewelry Technician – Wax Carving and Casting – Stone Setting
Coral Gables, Florida


The decision to come to MJS was one of the best I’ve ever made. Marc is a real master and he gave me the tools I needed to start a new road, that I’m sure will bring me a lot of satisfaction. He gave me the ability to express into jewelry my deepest creative dreams. There is still a lot to be learned and that is why I will complete all the courses the school offers. This is a complex job and this is why it is so fascinating, interesting and challenging.

Alessia Caramella Zager
Jewelry Technician


Master Jeweler Marc Thurn is a man of many talents; one of which happens to be teaching the art of goldsmithing. I feel honored to be able to study and learn from him. Marc is extremely patient and he is willing to help you with any project or questions you have. His teaching style allows creativity while still keeping the structure you need to learn the art of a true goldsmith. Miami Jewelry School opens a wonderful opportunity to follow your dreams of fine jewelry making. It is a true privilege to be here and I enjoy myself every time I come. For a small price, you gain a lifetime of knowledge that will aid you in becoming a successful jeweler/designer.

Danielle Caso
Jewelry Technician – Pearl and Bead Stringing


Recomiendo 100% Miami Jewelry School a cualquier persona buscando una formación en joyería. Las instalaciones son super agradables y el equipo que tienen es muy completo. Marc, el profesor, es una persona muy agradable y paciente. Aparte de ser muy bueno explicando, su profesionalidad en joyería y las técnicas que enseña son las más avanzadas. Yo tomé el curso de Casting y seguramente en poco tiempo tomaré también Stone Setting. La escuela es muy seria y a la vez lo suficientemente flexible, se adapta a las necesidades de cada estudiante. Gracias Marc y Adriana!!

Laura M. Cuevas
Wax Modeling and Casting


I am currently in the Stone Setting Course and have been at the Miami Jewelry School since August of 2009. My experience at MJS has been incredible. Anyone who has the chance to study under Marc Thurn is extremely lucky. He is an amazing teacher and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. The courses are extremely informative and challenging, and I highly encourage anyone with interest in the field to study with Marc. Since starting at Miami Jewelry School, I have started my own jewelry company. My knowledge, skill set, and craft has surpassed all my expectations. I currently sell my work and continue to build upon the incredible foundation Miami Jewelry School has provided me. I look forward to where my education leads me in the future.

Lourdes Fernandez
Jewelry Technician - Wax Carving and Casting - Stone Setting


I have learned a great deal in a short period of time. This is just the beginning for me and so many choices to choose from. Marc, you are a great teacher! Thank you,

Natalie Jarrette

Jewelry Technician


To begin with, my experience with MJS has been very good. They have made me successful in the career that I have chosen. The teacher is excellent. I especially appreciate the way he explains things with patience and simplicity. Because of this, I always feel confident when I have finished a piece, and also feel accomplished with my work.

I am grateful with this school, because when I graduate, I can follow the path I always wanted to take along with the knowledge I’ve gained from this school. I will definitely recommend MJS to others! Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Alberto Jose Neyra Duarte
Jewelry Technician – Wax Carving & Casting – Stone Setting


I'm Karen Stockhausen Ruah, I've been in the school for nine months and I look forward to becoming a great goldsmith. For me, finding this school and starting my jewelry work again (after having my 3 kids), is my pleasant time of the week where I can express, create and hand make things that recharge and light up my spirit and soul. But underneath it all there is a nice, knowledgeable teacher, who has handy tips and tricks up his sleeve, who brings people to the jewelry world in an easy and precise way that makes you fall in love with this art.

Karen Stockhausen Ruah

Stone Setting


My name is Samanthéssa R. Jacob; I am a student at Miami Jewelry School. It has almost been a year since I began training in the basic course. Since then, I have only encountered a great learning environment, friendly and supportive classmates, and most importantly, the nicest, well-knowledgeable and experienced staff, who takes pride in making sure, as well as help you accomplish your goals.

Upon finishing my first course, my plans are to jump start a family business in casting custom jewelry. As well as, kick off my own line in handcrafted watches, along with other pieces of fine jewelry under the name of “The R.J. Collection”. When everything has been set up there is no doubt in my mind that I would come back for more classes as well as recommend; if not send future employees to get trained by the Miami Jewelry School.

Samanthéssa R. Jacob
Jewelry Technician


I enrolled at Miami Jewelry School in December of 2008. I came in with extremely limited jewelry fabrication skills and I have now attained the ability to design and create any piece of jewelry I want.· Marc's experience, coupled with his patience and dedication to teaching, make him an ideal instructor. In addition, Marc has provided valuable counseling on starting a business in the jewelry field. Whether you are interested in designing, manufacturing or owning a store or business, nothing is more important than having the skills and knowledge necessary to grow and be successful.


Ana Mari Ortega
Jewelry Technician - Wax Carving and Casting - Pearls & Bead Stringing
USA - Miami


When I first got to America over a year ago I didn’t want to give up making jewelry, so I found MJS and I am sooooo happy I joined.

Marc and Adriana are really great people and the school is really personal. Where I’m from you can’t find one place that can teach you everything, there are different people who work in different fields of jewelry making but here at MJS you can learn the basic jewelry making course, stone setting course, wax modeling course and much more all at one place. The schedule is very flexible and Marc is an absolutely amazing and talented teacher!

Anat Finkelstein

Wax Carving &Casting - Stone Setting

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